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Plastic Bag in Ocean

Just Passing Through?

We'd like to not leave our footprint behind.

We are world travelers, first and foremost. But can you imagine traversing this world without nature? That reality is disturbingly close, as global emissions and the use of non-renewable resources take a toll on our planet and its wildlife every day.


At Sleepy Flyers Club, we want to help you explore the world, but we ask that you leave no trace behind. In all of our itineraries, you will find mentions of sustainable practices that we hope you choose to follow to make our world a little bit better.

In our mission to grow a community of respectful travelers, we strive to educate our clients on the importance of preserving the Earth. This process begins with our promise to deliver your personalized itinerary in an e-magazine and continues with you, promising to remember every small action counts — even when you're on vacation.

All of our itineraries focus on responsible travel, and we also encourage you to make any itinerary more eco-conscious (such as having more plant-based options or pursuing LEED-certified hotel stays) by mentioning so in the comments at checkout We are happy to help you make your time away from home better for our home planet. 



Does your business offer an experience or stay that is worth planning a trip around? Is being environmentally conscious a non-negotiable for your company? Apply to be a member of our Sustainable Experience Network today and join a growing community of industry professionals that care about our Earth's future. 

When a Sleepy Flyers Club client books your area as a destination, we will feature your company in their itinerary, so long as it is within their budget. In this partnership, we ask for a small percentage of the booking fee if our clients reserve your service, and in exchange, you will receive regular promotion via our social channels and our blog, and a discount for you and your staff to plan your next adventure with us.

Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch shortly.

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