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Are you actually booking things for me?

Sleepy Flyers Club offers the option of booking the excursions, hotel, and dining reservations that we suggest in your personalized itineraries. We will provide all links necessary in your digital adventure booklet whether or not you wish to self-book, ensuring you are able to book all of your accommodations and excursions directly with the operators with ease if you wish.


How soon after ordering can I expect my itinerary?

Follow this guide to find out when you'll receive your itinerary via email!

1-3 days: 48-72 hours for processing

3-5 days: 72-96 hours for processing

5-7 days: 96-120 hours for processing

7+ days: 168 hours for processing

For Crème de la Crème adventures or "stuffed" itineraries, please allow an additional 24-48 hours of processing to receive your itinerary.

If we are experiencing an extremely high volume of requests, we will send out email notifications daily on the updated status of your itinerary.


How far in advance should I request my Sleepy Flyers Club adventure?

The sooner you can submit your request the more possibilities you will have when booking your adventure. We are an itinerary based travel company. Thus, if you request an itinerary with the thought of a trip not yet set in stone, the suggestions should be up to date for about 6 months and you can take your time booking your plans with no rush to hunt for availability.  If you are planning on traveling to a popular destination please allow at least 3-4 months of space in between submitting your request and your departing date. If you are planning on traveling during a peak season to a popular destination please allow at least 4-6 months of space in advance. 


How does the "book for me" process work?

If you have chosen the "book for me" option when ordering your itinerary, within 2 hours of receiving your digital adventure booklet via email, you will receive an email to confirm you would like your itinerary booked as it is written in the booklet, and asking which hotel you would like to be booked in (as the booklet will typically present three options). Once all of the details are confirmed, you will receive an invoice ($10, or $20 if bookings are to be made in 3 months or less) + any reservation fees that were used to place the hold the reservation). Once this invoice is paid, you will receive another pdf with the links to your bookings, as well as any cancellation info you may need. We ask that if you do need to cancel/modify your reservation, you go directly to the operator that your booking is with, as it is more efficient to modify your reservation directly with them.


What if I'm not satisfied with my itinerary?

At Sleepy Flyers Club, we strive to recommend a plan that fits your travel personality. If we have not succeeded in this, please email us immediately with the pdf of your itinerary and explain the issue in detail.  Your Sleepy Flyers Club itinerary purchase comes with the offer of two revisions if necessary to make sure we can create the best possible itinerary for you, together.


Why is each adventure priced differently?

We price our adventures based on the amount of time estimated it will take to research your trip and create your personalized itinerary. Some experiences, such as our "Foodie's Delight", are a bit easier to come by since food is something that is celebrated around the world. A "Cruise Control" adventure will most likely take more time to plan due to factoring in miles driven per day, in order to offer a feasible chance of being able to secure reservations during your travels. We try to be accessible compared to other customizable travel services and will gladly accept any feedback that might improve your experience with us.

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