Books to Inspire Wanderlust

We are celebrating International Literacy Day as our “Holiday of the Month”. Reading and writing are not only tools everyone needs in their life; they can be an escape from our everyday mundane routines as well. While we adore the classic fantasy books that might have fostered lifelong enthusiasm such as Harry Potter, the Hobbit, and the Moomin tales, we’d also like to share with you some of our favorite books to inspire wanderlust. We hope that you’ll find a favorite or two among this list and allow us to plan a personalized itinerary around your choice, for a future far flung adventure.

Without futherado, here are a few of our favorite travel writing stories:

1. Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles, by David L. Ulin

A former New Yorker speaks about the differences of living in New York City versus Los Angeles, specifically through the lens of walking through the cities. In part, this book is a personal narrative, while also making commentary on Los Angeles as an urban space and on its culture.. This is a quick read, but the perfect intro to the street life of this iconic California city.