Pup-Approved Pit Stops

This month at Sleepy Flyers Club, we’re celebrating our four-legged best friends in honor of National Dog Day on August 26th. Traveling in itself is always a worthwhile adventure, but when you get to have your pup with you, it makes things even more fun. More and more people in the United States are gravitating towards road trips nowadays, due to COVID-19, so why not make a pit stop for your pooch at one of these high-quality pet treat meccas.

Photo accredited to Le Marcel Specialty Bakery for Dogs on Instagram

  • Le Marcel Specialty Bakery For Dogs - San Francisco, California

Does your pup have a birthday or “gotcha-day” coming up? Why not treat them to the finest of dog cakes? Le Marcel has the perfect special occasion cake or even just a pretty pastry to celebrate the day, no matter what size. Our favorites include the Pitbull Brownie and the Cheddar “Pet-It-Fours” for something more savory. If you wish to have a full party for your pup, their “Pawtio” with an off-leash area is a great place for dogs and their "hoomans" to commemorate any occasion. 

Photo accredited to Roaming Acres via Instagram

  • Roaming Acres - New York City, NY

If your dog is loveably oversized or just has a thing for bones, head to Roaming Acre’s stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. The friendly staff will help you pick out the perfect size bone for your dog, whether it is a tendon for your little one or an ostrich femur that will keep your gentle giant happy for days. Our founder’s pitbull, Cincy,  loves their pig ears, and we love them because they don’t leave any mess, unlike bones that can splinter. While you’re here, pick up a bison steak for yourself or shop around the market, which has fresh organic produce daily and great options for sweet treats too. Pick up a locally made bread loaf, some jam, and cheese and have a picnic in the nearby Washington Square Park.