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Pet Experience Assessor

Cincy is the fur baby of  Yasmin and Ricky. As a rescued  pitbull, she spends her time cuddling with her parents, eating treats from the Union Square Greenmarket, and resting her head on the armrest between mom and dad on long road trips. 


Yasmin Yusuff

Founder of Sleepy Flyers Club

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Yasmin took her first passport photo at 13 months old and has been on the move since. Though she is an experienced solo traveler, she also loves traveling with others who share her love of discovering the true culture in every land she visits. This is demonstrated in her travel and lifestyle blog "Where is my boarding pass?" which she has been creating content for since 2014. 

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Ricky McCreadie

Athletic Excursion Consultant

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Ricky has been participating in Ironman competitions since 2015. He strives to not only maintain his endurance and strength training but also to add as many outdoor workout excursions to his NYC lifestyle as possible. His favorite activities include hiking, both in the Hudson Valley and along the Ohio  River, road cycling throughout the world, and beating Yasmin in pinball competitions.

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